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About Us


North American Institute For Mexican Advancement

The North American Institute for Mexican Advancement (NAIMA) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to the development and implementation of initiatives that foster cooperation and lead to the advancement of all people of Mexican descent, and society as a whole.
NAIMA’s founding is the result of an ongoing evolution, a continuous investment of energy and resources, and a vision for real and sustainable change. The Mexican community has undergone formidable evolutions in North America in the past decades and recent years. These evolutions have led to major advancements politically, economically, socially and academically; allowing us to make significant contributions not only to our countries of origin, but to our countries of residence. However, as we make strides forward as a whole, our needs and concerns as a people also evolve; changing depending on our location, integration, attainment and individual development and leading to a fragmentation of what once was a common, unifying agenda. Numerous organizations currently exist that address a single issue or a group of issues or work in a specific location or community. We, at NAIMA, seek to represent the Mexican community as a whole, integrating social, educational, civic and economic initiatives in both the countries of origin and residence. It is this void and subsequent need that NAIMA seeks to fill and address.
Headquartered in Melrose Park, Illinois, NAIMA works to develop networks, partnerships, models and initiatives representing ALL people of Mexican descent, whether in the United States, Mexico or Canada. As residents of North America, we are united as Mexican-Americans and must work together toward a common agenda, fueling our progress as a people and continuing to make contributions for the progress of the United States, North America and all citizens of our global community.


NAIMA’s mission is to improve the lives of the Mexican-American community and Mexicans across North America, empowering them through educational, civic, social, economic development and integration initiatives.


The Hispanic community is the fastest growing community in the United States. With our growing numbers also comes an increased ability to contribute to the economy. With Hispanic-owned businesses representing the fastest growing segment of small businesses in the United States, and with Mexicans constituting the largest percentage of the Hispanic population, we play a pivotal role in driving economic growth, prosperity and progress. At NAIMA we strongly believe that a strong, more developed and successful Mexican community can only lead to a stronger and more successful United States and North America. As Mexican-Americans, we have a responsibility to ourselves, our families and future generations to work as hard as we can to create a better future, society and country.
We believe that this is best achieved through partnership in action. By creating strategic partnerships with actors and institutions throughout North America we can more effectively stimulate and promote the economic and civic development of the social fabric of our communities of origin and residence. Whether Mexican immigrants or born in the U.S. or Canada, together, through our diverse experiences and strengths, we can better understand our communities’ needs and implement initiatives and programs that result in long-term development opportunities for this and future generations. We envision a Mexican-American community, united by our origins and values, working together on a cohesive agenda toward our advancement as a people, the advancement of our countries of origin and residence, and society as a whole.


NAIMA is not the result of one person’s work or dream. It is the culmination of years of brainstorming, discussion, collaboration, hard work and the vision of a group of dedicated individuals from diverse backgrounds and across North America. From the birth of the idea for the creation of NAIMA to its realization, these individuals, together, providing invaluable experience, know-how, ideas, input and resources, form our Steering Committee. Their unwavering commitment has shaped, and continues to shape NAIMA and its work. We are forever thankful to them for their participation and contributions.