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CEO/Founder of NAIMA


Sergio David Suárez was born in Juanacatlán, Jalisco, Mexico and immigrated to the United States at the age of 17. His strong work ethic was cemented early his life. Mr. Suárez settled in the City of Chicago where he worked in a factory, while attending night classes to be certified as a refrigeration technician. Mr. Suárez’s established his first company shortly thereafter and went on to establish a dozen more successful businesses in the United States and Mexico.

Mr. Suarez’s entrepreneurial spirit is second only to his community mindedness. He is a community leader who has sought to influence public policy with a focus on civic, social, and cultural empowerment for the Mexican people. Mr. Suarez believes that a better prepared and participatory Mexican community – through the creation of policies and programs – will lead to societal integration and economic and civic development; bettering their lives in the United States and achieving better integration into society.

Mr. Suárez is a strong supporter of fair and comprehensive immigration reform. His leadership has allowed him to be part of numerous taskforces along with political leaders at the national level, including the White House. Additionally, Mr. Suarez has been a featured speaker at many local, national and international forums.

Mr. Suárez has held past leadership positions in Federación Jalisciense del Medio Oeste de los Estados Unidos (FEDEJAL) and continues his volunteerism and activism with Consejo Nacional de Federaciones Jaliscienses en Estados Unidos (CONFEDEJAL) and Necahual Foundation, an organization dedicated to help children and youth in vulnerable positions. He is the Founder and President of the North American Institute for Mexican Advancement (NAIMA), a nonprofit organization that works for the development and empowerment of the Mexican community in North America, through educational, social, and economic development initiatives.

Mr. Suárez promotes the education and appreciation of Mexican culture and traditions through events such as the national tour “México en el Corazón”, Jalisco Week in Illinois, and Sabor de México. He is also member of the National Museum of Mexican Art council.