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Regardless of which country we live in, we all have a civic duty. Part of this duty includes exercising our right to vote; staying abreast of issues and legislation affecting us; ensuring that we are well represented; holding our elected officials accountable, and standing up for our interests and against injustices.

NAIMA works with legislators in office, regardless of their party affiliation, in order to inform them of the issues important to our community and ensure the advancement of our agenda. We also take clear positions on the topics of most concern to the Mexican community, such as immigration reform.

Grito de Independencia

For the second year in a row, NAIMA has joined the mayor of Melrose Park and other organizations in sponsoring a Mexican Independence Day celebration at Melrose Park Elementary School. The event allows students to show their pride for their origins and celebrate their traditions. As Mexicans, it is important to fully integrate into our countries of residence, but it is also important to not forget our traditions and history.

International Migrants Day

In 2000, the United Nations designated December 18 as International Migrants Day. This day serves to remind us of all of the invaluable contributions of migrants worldwide, but it also reminds us of the dark reality that too many migrants continue to face every day. From discrimination and the violation and lack of rights to risking their lives in search of a better life, much work remains to be done for a fair and sustainable immigration reform.

On December 18, 2014, NAIMA celebrated International Migrants Day with business owners, organizations and leaders from the Hispanic community. On this day NAIMA also signed an agreement with Ronald Selpico, the Mayor of Melrose Park, to work together and ensure the success of the local economy through collaboration and mutual support.


One of NAIMA’s founding principles is that of social responsibility. We believe that we all have an obligation to give back in whatever way we can and help make our community and world a better place. Social programming is a priority for us.

Donation of Medical Supplies

In 2014 NAIMA collaborated with the University of Guadalajara Foundation in Mexico and donated a total of 79 units of medical equipment to the OPD Civil Hospital of Guadalajara. Amongst the equipment donated were electric equipment-equipped mobile beds, rehabilitation beds, wheelchairs, ergonomic chairs and work stations for mobile monitoring. The equipment was distributed to 19 districts in Jalisco, Mexico with a significant lack of medical infrastructure and supplies.

Dia del Niño Celebration

Part of our culture and tradition, el dia del niño celebrates one of life’s most precious gifts, children. To mark this special day, NAIMA and the Mayor’s Office of Melrose Park held a celebration at the Center for Integration and Development (CID). Over one hundred children took part in the celebration which included music, games and gifts


Economic development is key to the success of any country and community. As the fastest growing community and representing the fastest growing segment of small businesses in the United States, the Hispanic community, with Mexicans representing the largest percentage, is an important contributor to the economy and plays a pivotal role in driving economic growth and progress.

At NAIMA, we recognize the potential and power of the Mexican community’s economic contributions. By achieving increased economic development, not only will we be able to advance further as a people, but we will be able to contribute more to both our countries of residence and origin. For this reason, NAIMA works hard to develop programs that provide our community with powerful tools for economic development including trainings and small business development.

Business Breakfasts

Taking place three to four times per year, our Business Breakfasts are attended by business owners, entrepreneurs and people interested in learning about the process of setting up a business. Every breakfast consists of a panel of presenters from diverse sectors, speaking on important, relevant topics such as how to expand your business, how to use technology for expanding your clientele, the process for obtaining worker visas and permits, and government programs available to business owners. Panelists have included mayors, representatives from the governor’s office, state agencies and CEO’s.